Meet Paty

Hey there! Welcome to My Brazilian Kitchen.

I’m Patricia Magalhaes, but you can call me Paty. I’m also known online as Chef Paty. I’ve been blogging in Portuguese about food and life since 2008. That same year I started my culinary journey at Le Cordon Bleu. I had a couple of different blogs and in 2013, after 2 culinary degrees and a few years working in the industry, I moved to New York City, rediscovered myself and started, my Portuguese food blog that gave the name to all of my social media accounts and my pastry business – Chef Paty Sweets. I currently live in Miami with my Brazilian husband and our adorable baby girl Lara.

After a long time considering and listening to english speaking followers and friends I finally decided to create this little corner of the internet in english. On this blog you will find recipes of the foods I grew up eating and inspiration from my travels. Even though I left Brazil at a very young age, my mother and grandmother always made sure we had a Brazilian kitchen regardless of where we were living in the world. They cooked up a storm with the ingredients they could find and adapt to their traditional recipes. This way they taught my brother and I to love the flavors of our native country. Along side with the blog I upload weekly videos on my english Youtube channel – Chef Paty 2 -.

I truly wish you enjoy reading and cooking from this blog. That it may inspire you to try new flavors while learning and tasting Brazil from wherever you are.

Hope to see you again soon!!

Oh and just in case you want to get to know me better and see more adorable baby Lara pictures – you know you d0 :-)…

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